Our commonality is that hospitality is provided by those within the GLBT orientations.

Often you share our houses with us; to us it is just like having a friend stay. We enjoy getting to know our guests and hearing life stories and travel adventures.
We will help you with your travel/accommodation planning.

We are as diverse as our accommodation, here are some of the services we offer:

Hire a bike
Hire a Motor Home
Accommodation bookings
Clothes-optional summer camp
Kayak hire
Vegan catering
Cook evening meals
Farm tours
Hot tubs and thermally heated swimming pools
Art Deco tours
Airport pick-ups
Eco tours

Each property’s page specifies the nightly rate. This may be subject to change. Rates range from budget to luxury. Email or phone each host to reserve accommodation

New Zealand is a liberal country, was the first country to give women the vote, is generally gay-friendly, and sexual activity is legal over the age of 16 for any orientation. There are openly gay/lesbian/transgendered members of parliament. We are nuclear free , and have a reputation for being clean & green.

Your GLBT Kiwi experience awaits you

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