Sappho Women International Eressos Women's Festival 9.-23.9.2017

Sappho Women is a non-profit organisation based in Skala Eressos, Lesvos Island Greece and official producer of the International Eressos Women’s Festival held in September.

The community-driven International Eressos Women’s Festival in the birthplace of poet Sappho, Skala Eressos is officially part of the non profit organisation Sappho Women since September 2010. Originally envisioned, created and financed by local travel agency Sappho Travel since 2000, the festival organisation feel they can develop and grow beyond their present scope under the umbrella of the Sappho Women organisation.

As the Sappho Women organisation develops many projects aiming to make a difference in the world of equality and visibility of women, they feel the organisation of this internationally acclaimed festival is a vital step towards supporting and promoting the unity, solidarity, independence and wellbeing of women in general and the women of the Island of Lesvos in particular.

The Sappho Women organisation would like to thank Sappho Travel, the businesses of Skala Eressos and all individuals who have been part of or have supported the International Eressos Women’s Festival in the past, and hope and trust they can count on their continuing support.


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