bestellen… Faces and Phases 2006-2014 (Englisch) von Zanele Muholi1. September 2014, gebundene Ausgabe: 368 Seiten, Verlag: Steidl Göttingen; Auflage: 1, Sprache: Englisch, ISBN-13: 978-3869308074.

In Faces and Phases 2006–14, Zanele Muholi embarks on a journey of „visual activism“ to ensure black queer and transgender visibility. Despite South Africa’s progressive Constitution and twenty years of democracy, black lesbians and transgender men remain the targets of brutal hate crimes and so-called corrective rapes. Taken over the past eight years, the more than 250 portraits in this book, accompanied by moving testimonies, present a compelling statement about the lives and struggles of these individuals. They also comprise an unprecedented and invaluable archive: marking, mapping and preserving an often invisible community for posterity.

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